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This service is normally provided to a person or several people who require an interpreter to hold different types of meetings, such as business meetings, press conferences, or guided tours in a plant.

The interpreter is focused only on these clients and can use different forms of interpreting depending on the needs of the client. Basically, he is accompanying the person or the commission during an agenda and meeting the needs of interpretation at the times that are required there.

It differs from the simultaneous interpreting service because it is not usually done at a fixed place and does not use all the sophisticated technology of soundproof booths.

Instead, it is a service that is done consecutively, that is, in conversations where the interpreter is required, people express their ideas and then pause, so that the interpreter can translate the message to the other person. This is how the conversation is built up.

It is ideal for small meetings and business meetings, ensuring privacy and fluency.

To better understand the context and to be ready for quick and accurate support, we prepare the interpreters in advance to learn more about the topic to be discussed and the profile of the people who will be addressed.

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Previous research on the topic

Pre-meeting talk

Study of the profile of the attendees


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It is the way in which the interpreter instantly translates the speaker’s speech when he finishes speaking. Additionally, it is also possible to translate the questions of the attendees for the speaker.

This translation technique can be used for a small number of attendees with the translator acting as an intermediary between the speaker and the attendees.  This is a widely used method for business meetings or online video calls.

We have experience in a wide variety of verticals and business sectors.
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We have experience in a wide variety of verticals and business sectors.

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