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Develop a more powerful corporate communication and reach more audiences.

This service is normally provided to a person or several people who require an interpreter to hold different types of meetings, such as business meetings, press conferences, or guided tours in a plant.

The interpreter is focused only on these clients and can use different forms of interpretation depending on the needs of the client. Basically, he is accompanying the person or the commission during an agenda and meeting the needs of interpretation at the times that are required there.

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Share your message with many more people in the online world through video streaming using all major live video platforms.


With the right equipment and technology, you will have a powerful tool to obtain the best quality results at your disposal which will enable you to increase your position in the world.


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It is the transmission and digital distribution of audiovisual content in real time through specialized platforms via a dedicated network.

YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and LiveStream are the most used platforms.  If required, we can dedicate a more private space to you.

After the installation of the equipment for the live transmission, we capture the event through cameras that send the signal to a computer that then transmits it over the network.

You can see what impact your online streaming has thanks to the powerful analytics tools of each platform.
We have experience in a wide variety of verticals and business sectors.
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We have experience in a wide variety of verticals and business sectors.

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If you hold events with international speakers, if you plan to have meetings and conferences, or if you need to translate large numbers of documents, we can help.