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The Ruta N Corporation of Medellín

Certifies that SMART TRANSLATORS provided its linguistic services of text, technical and official translations, simultaneous interpretation, rental of translation equipment, and escort interpretation during our events all with total professionalism.

Museum of Antioquia

SMART TRANSLATORS has responded very well to our every need. They provide a timely, clear, and attentive service.
SAI Antioquia Society of Engineers and Architects
Since 2017 we have had a working relationship with the company SMART TRANSLATORS who have provided excellent levels of performance and commitment to our needs. Therefore, we highly recommend them.


The undersigned Representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Colombia – UNODC – certifies that the firm SMART TRANSLATORS S.A.S. provided services to our office on several occasions with total satisfaction.

Asociación colombiana de facultades de ingeniería

Certify that the company SMART TRANSLATORS has maintained working relations with ACOFI in aspects related to translation services and equipment rental for 15 years during which it has demonstrated commitment and quality in their job performance.

Noel Santa Claus Cookie Company

All those attending the event were pleasantly impressed by the service provided and by the command of the language by the interpreters. This was a key factor for the successful development of the academic sessions.

National chocolate

Since 2018 we have had a working relationship with SMART TRANSLATORS who have been committed to their service provided. Therefore, we recommend them