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The remote (or distance) interpreting service is of great help when it comes to translating a speech or conversation from one language to another simultaneous ly using a tool that allows the interpreter and the meeting participants to all be in different locations via video conferencing. (such as Zoom, Teams, and Webex).

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For remote interpreting to be possible, it is necessary to use a platform that connects all attendees through video conferencing. Some are more suitable than others as they incorporate simultaneous interpreting functionality. For example: Zoom, Teams, Webex.




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To make remote Simultaneous Interpreting possible, we use platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Webex, and Go ToMeeting, among others. We can connect more than 3,000 attendees through a video conference using different devices, such as computers, cell phones, and tablets. Using this approach, we can keep the operating costs to a minimum, which is optimal compared to other alternatives.


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The platforms allow 20 interpreters to be assigned per session during the meeting, video conference and seminars

– Reach multilingual audiences
– Keep track of your online events
– Optimize the logistics costs of moving personnel and equipment
We have experience in a wide variety of verticals and business sectors
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Allows you to share screen for your presentations, videos, logos and set wallpapers for a greater experience.

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We have experience in a wide variety of verticals and business sectors.

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