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You convey your message and your knowledge, we translate it.

Take advantage of using simultaneous translation equipment with current technologies, stereo radios, and mobile app transmission on a dedicated network.  We have simultaneous translation equipment for any situation at your event.

Translation Equipment Rental

Simultaneous interpretation services require specialized equipment, such as booths, receivers, wireless and technological means for a better experience at events, conferences and meetings.

Why work with us?

Our sound technicians will evaluate each project separately and select the most appropriate equipment for each situation, ensuring a smooth and high quality interpretation.

Technical team

The assistance of a professional team is important, that is why you will always have qualified personnel at your disposal to always advise you.


Depending on your needs, you can use different technologies, such as radiofrequency stereo radios, or a dedicated network audio streaming system.


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Yes.  If required, we can use portable radio frequency transmission equipment.
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We have experience in a wide variety of verticals and business sectors.

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If you hold events with international speakers, if you plan to have meetings and conferences, or if you need to translate large numbers of documents, we can help.