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You convey your message and your knowledge, we translate it.

Create quality content in multiplatform podcast formats so that your audience can listen to it wherever and whenever they want.  Create a quality digital product as a source of learning for your customers.

We have specialized services so that you always have support for your events and your business: Website translation, content translation, consecutive interpreting, video dubbing, video subtitling, streaming, and podcasting.

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Give Your Brand a Voice

Join the worldwide trend that takes advantage of every second to learn something new.  Turn your event into a podcast and share it with your audience through all major platforms.


Optimal audio and proper production are the key to making a bigger impact and achieving your goals.  Create a powerful digital product to help you boost your business.


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It is the distribution or broadcast of audio or video on demand that allows the user to download it so they can listen to it at any time.

At the time of the event, an audio or video recording of the entire event is made to later be distributed on the main platforms.

Simultaneous translation allows the transmission of several languages ​​thanks to Relay technology.  Smart Translators has more than 10 translation languages ​​to enhance your event experience.

To guarantee the quality of the service and the clarity of the message, we recommend that you hire two translators per language where one will replace the other depending on the complexity of the translation or the effort of the work.
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We have experience in a wide variety of verticals and business sectors.
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We have experience in a wide variety of verticals and business sectors.

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